Unsupervised pretraining for text classification using siamese transfer learning

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When training neural networks, huge amounts of training data typically lead to better results. When only a small amount of training data is available, it has been proven useful to initialize a network with pretrained layers. For NLP tasks, networks are usually only given pretrained word embeddings, the rest of the network is not pretrained since pretraining recurrent networks for NLP tasks is difficult. In this article, we present a siamese architecture for pretraining recurrent networks on textual data. The network has to map pairs of sentences onto a vector representation. When a sentence pair is appearing coherently in our corpus, the vector representations should be similar, if not, the representations should be dissimilar. After having pretrained that network, we enhance it and train it on a smaller dataset in order to have it classify textual data. We show that using this kind of approach for pretraining results in better results comparing to doing no pretraining or only using pretrained embeddings when doing text classification for a task with only a small amount of training data. For evaluation, we are using the bots and gender profiling dataset provided by PAN 2019.

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