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Update API URLs

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I updated the API URLs to be more in line with conventional standards. All current API endpoints can now be found under /api/v1/. For reference the current endpoints are:

In addition I have rewrote the OAI-PMH Django app and made a separate Git repository out of it. You can find it on Github.

New features

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Over the last few weeks I added a few new features. The most extensive feature I added is the API. The API consists of two parts, the first is to retrieve the posts and projects as JSON. The other is an OAI-PMH endpoint, which returns XML. At the moment I only support the metadata in the Dublin Core format, but I plan to add CMDI. For details on the API I added a page to the project section. The second feature I added was inspired by this post about signing web content using PGP. I added signatures to the posts and projects which can be view in the source code and verified using my public key or with Keybase. On a side note, I got new certificates from Let’s Encrypt and forcing HTTPS now.