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Zum Beispiel könnte man…

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Zum Beispiel könnte man alle nationalen Pässe durch einen Europäischen Pass ersetzen. Ein Pass der Europäischen Union, in dem der Geburtsort vermerkt ist, aber nicht die Nationalität. Ich glaube, dass allein dies etwas im Bewusstsein der Generation bewirken würde, die mit einem solchen Pass aufwächst. Und das würde nicht einmal etwas kosten. […] Aber das ist nicht genug, setzte er fort.

Die Hauptstadt von Robert Menasse, Seite 392

Update API URLs

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I updated the API URLs to be more in line with conventional standards. All current API endpoints can now be found under /api/v1/. For reference the current endpoints are:

In addition I have rewrote the OAI-PMH Django app and made a separate Git repository out of it. You can find it on Github.

Vulnerabilities and other stuff

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I recently read an interresting post about the target="_blank" vulnerability. This vulnerability leaves a user open to a very simple phishing attack and is quite unknown. When a link uses the target="_blank" attribute not accompanied with the rel="noopener" attribute or in the case of Firefox rel="noopener noreferrer" the opening site gives the new site access to the existing window through the window.opener API, allowing a few permissions. Some of these permissions are automatically negated by cross-domain restrictions, but window.location is fair game.

To see this vulnerability in action you can use this link. It'll open the post in a new tab/window and redirect this window to an other page.

The code below shows the necessary code for the window.opener API to redirect the opening site to a new location.

if ( window.opener ) {
    window.opener.location = "" + document.referrer;

Because of that post, I removed all target="_blank" attributes from the links. I had also a few other changes that had pilled up and which I hadn't gotten around to put online. Most are on the back end side. On front end side I changed manly the color of the sidebar.

New features

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Over the last few weeks I added a few new features. The most extensive feature I added is the API. The API consists of two parts, the first is to retrieve the posts and projects as JSON. The other is an OAI-PMH endpoint, which returns XML. At the moment I only support the metadata in the Dublin Core format, but I plan to add CMDI. For details on the API I added a page to the project section. The second feature I added was inspired by this post about signing web content using PGP. I added signatures to the posts and projects which can be view in the source code and verified using my public key or with Keybase. On a side note, I got new certificates from Let’s Encrypt and forcing HTTPS now.

Somewhat new design

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I recently had to build a few website, about which I'll write soon a bit, in which I used Bootstrap. Since the design I used when I build this site was somewhat crude I started to do some redesigning using Bootstrap. The result of these efforts are now online. Enjoy!


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Welcome to my new blog. It's been quite some time since my last blog. Back then I ran it on some old hardware I had. When it crashed I made a half hearted attempt on WordPress. Which quickly died down. Now I got a virtual server mainly to run some other projects. So I decided to start a new blog. Nothing fancy, just something to keep a record of my projects and ideas.